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What are experiential events?

Experiential marketing is about creating a unique experience for the customer. It focuses on giving people something physical and tangible to hold onto, like a branded item, a product sample, or even just a chance to interact with a brand.

The concept is simple: give customers a reason to talk about you, and they will. This is because people love speaking about experiences; it makes us feel unique, important and valued. When we tell our friends what we did, they too enjoy telling others about their experiences.

But why does experiential marketing work so well? Because it gives people a reason to buy. People don’t always remember a product name, but they do remember how they felt while interacting with a brand. A great example is Apple’s “one more thing.” Customers walk into an Apple store and ask themselves, “Do I really need another iPhone?” However, once inside, they’re greeted with an entire wall filled with iPhones. They see the products up close and personal, and many end up buying one.

5 Types of Experiential Marketing

Experiential marketing is one of those buzzwords that people love to throw around, but few people really know what it entails. But there are different types of experiential activations, and some work better than others. Here are five popular examples of experiential marketing:

1. Kiosk: An example of experiential marketing is a kiosk. A kiosk is a physical location where a brand provides information about its product or service. They usually come in the form of a storefront or event space. Brands use them to promote themselves during tradeshows, conventions, festivals, and other large-scale events.
2. Pop-up shop: A pop-up shop is similar to a kiosk except that it does not have a permanent home. Instead, it pops up somewhere temporarily. For instance, a pop-up shop could be set up outside a restaurant. The goal is to provide customers with information about the brand while providing a unique experience.
3. Events: Events are another type of experiential marketing. Events include everything from concerts, conferences, festivals, and even sporting events. These events often serve as a way to connect with consumers in a meaningful way.
4. Sweepstakes: Sweepstakes is a great way to engage with potential customers. Sweepstakes offer something free as a prize. This might be anything from a meal at a local restaurant to tickets to a concert.
5. Live events: Live events are another type of experiential marketing. Live events are interactive experiences such as concerts, comedy shows, lectures, or workshops. Consumers attend these events because they want to learn more about the topic being discussed or see a celebrity perform.

How to Get Started With an Experiential Event?

Experiential events are great ways to engage with your customers because they allow you to interact directly with them. They can involve anything from product demonstrations, interactive games, live music performances or even cooking classes. This type of marketing strategy is often used by businesses looking to increase brand awareness, sell products or promote a specific cause.

The best way to ensure success with your experiential marketing campaign is to understand exactly who your audience is and what you want to achieve. For example, if you’re planning a Christmas party why not invite some of your clients along to see how much fun they’ll have decorating gingerbread houses together? Or perhaps you could hold a wine tasting competition and give away prizes to the winners. Whatever you do make sure you’ve thought carefully about what you want to achieve and who your target audience is.

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Benefits of Experiential Event Marketing

Experiential marketing campaigns are becoming increasingly popular among marketers looking to engage audiences and build brand loyalty. Events such as festivals, fairs, trade shows, and corporate outings provide businesses with opportunities to connect with customers, increase brand awareness, enrich lead lists, strengthen existing relationships, and cultivate long-term brand loyalty.

The following four benefits of experiential marketing help you understand why it makes sense to invest in event marketing.

1. Increasing brand awareness

Live experiences bring together large groups of people, offering companies the opportunity to tell their brand’s story and spread their message more quickly and efficiently.

2. Enriching lead lists

Companies often struggle to find leads amongst their existing database of contacts. However, registering participants for an event provides companies with the opportunity to collect additional data points and enrich their lead list. This can include collecting names, email addresses, phone numbers, and even preferences such as location, age, gender, interests, hobbies, etc.

3. Stronger Brand Loyalty

A positive marketing experience can generate strong brand loyalty between the participant and the company. Participants tend to feel more positively toward a company once they’ve experienced it firsthand, and many will want to return to the same place again and again. For example, a brand could hold a music festival every summer, inviting fans to attend each day. Or a company could run a food truck around town during lunchtime, giving employees the chance to try out different dishes and meet local residents.

4. Generating buzz

Experiential marketing events can be flashy and fun, and specific hashtags can more quickly spread the word, spark curiosity, and lead to more followers on social media channels.


The key to successful experiential marketing is creating memorable experiences that connect with consumers. A well-planned campaign can take place anywhere – indoors or outdoors, large or small, and can include anything from product demonstrations to interactive games.

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